We’re Brad ‘n Joanne

That’s Us!

And We Were…

Stuck in the Rat Race and the Rats Were Winning!

There has been at least one moment in your life when you have thought,

There Just Has To Be More To Life Than This!

Sailing Mexico 2013

Now, don’t get me wrong, Joanne and I had pretty good lives.  Professional careers – Joanne a dental hygienist for almost thirty years, and me a chiropractor, amongst other things.



Tofino, BC, Canada

We had a nice house, nothing ostentatious, but a great yard in which we loved to garden and entertain.  We each had a car.  Pretty much all the excesses our finances could provide.

I don’t want to leave the wrong impression, we were comfortably getting by, like almost everyone we knew.  Every day, every week, month, year, was pretty much a cookie-cut image of the past one, and while not really paying attention to it at the time, looking back, we realize that we were caught up in the Rat Race, and the Rats Were Winning!

Sound familiar?

It’s a hard habit to break, the Rat Race.

We point no fingers, and hey, for some, maybe most people, it’s just fine.  They are used to it, accepting, hopefully happy.  They believe it’s the way things are and the way they oughta be.

But for the rest of us, SOMETHING IS MISSING.  We have itchy feet.  Dream of different realities. Feel stuck, unsatisfied, compromised, and unable to change our destinies.  If this rings true of you, well WE were our version of  YOU.

Nothing is ever going to change.  Is it?

In April 2010 my otherwise healthy recently retired, happy dad was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer.  He had just turned 68-years young.  He and my mom were in the throes of renewing their lives in retirement, both having fulfilled their obligations as Rat Race contestants.

Finally, finally, their time had come!

Six months later my dad died.

This was a premonition.

Luckily, as a strong family, we pulled through the loss of my dad, he was well loved, and love remained after he passed.  But I could not shake this new magnified FOCUS on my own LIFE and DREAMs and FUTURE.

Losing my dad unexpectedly was the catalyst that sparked me into acting on my dreams.  Fortunately, Joanne saw things similarly, she too had lost her father at a mere 59-years of age, and her mother at 67.



Over the following year and a half, we were able to figure out how to break free of the Rat Race and redirect our life focus on a future that suited our dreams.

‘Us’ had to be clarified.  We required a focus on our GOALs.  We needed to figure out HOW to turn our DREAMs into REALITY.

So We Did!


We’re Brad and Joanne.  

Our REALITY includes traveling the world, discovering new cultures, experiencing new to us cuisine, self-discovery, and learning new things.  Five years ago (2013), these were our DREAMS.

Five years ago we quit the Rat Race, sold everything we owned and now we live the life of Nomads.

It’s not for everybody, so we’re routinely told.

Not Having STUFF Suits Us to a Tee!


We Feel FREE!

So, this is our schtick: and our posts are about how we quit the Rat Race, how we have supported ourselves since, where we have traveled and where we are going next, along with other insights and sharing along the way.

Things that any regular person can do once they set their mind to it, but with the added advantage of our having Beta aTested some of your options ahead of you.

If you dream about travel, exploration, adventure, stepping out of the monotonous mainstream, and really getting your feet wet, don’t wait any longer.

We could have started long before we were in our late 40’s, and been economically ahead if we had.

But it’s only too late AFTER its too late!

When we talk Long-Term aTravel, we mean going someplace new and exciting to us and living there.  We may still be considered tourists when we move on, but we got to know our neighbors.  Learned to speak their language.  We’re invited to share in their celebrations.  Friendships were made.

We’re Canadians and in Canada have lived long-term in numerous parts of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.  Big deal, you may be thinking, you’re Canadian, ehFair enough.

Add California.

The Netherlands.

The coast of Baja California Sur, and the Pacific coast of Mexico all the way down to Guatemala (we were sailing in these regions).

Add Cuenca, Ecuador.

And Cusco, Peru.

We have lived in each of these places for at least 6-months AND toured Central America, France, and Belgium along the way.  What Braggers, eh?  Not at all.  You can do your version of it after a simple, perhaps stressful, few steps.  Check out Getting Underway for more on how.

We Like to LIVE There

If you desire your version of aTravelife, then stick around.  Look over the site.  Ask us questions.  Our FAQ page will have our answers to all your questions posted for all visitors.  We are happy to share how we meet the economic challenges of Long-Term aTravel as well as our plans for full-time travel.  That’s where the Beta aTest comes in.  We want to experience living in many more places still.

360 Degrees In aTravelife is video featuring highlights in places we’ve lived and all our videos can be found under the category of the same name or by clicking the link.  The Accessories category highlights the gear we use, what we like and don’t like to travel with, and how to pack smart and economically.  The Beta aTest category is specifically about our learning to be bloggers and our efforts, all of them, in order, related to starting and monetizing

Finally, when you live someplace long-term it’s inevitable that at some point you’re going to need medical services.  There are qualified medical professionals worldwide, and we report on them.  Under the aTravelife category Medical aTourism you’ll find posts regarding the exceptional care we’ve received, and the superior care you, the visitor, has shared with us.

El Tabucu, Cusco, Peru

Ollantaytambo Ruins

As well as information regarding professional care facilities, medical professionals, services available in the countries in which we’ve lived.  Valuable information for those who cannot wait in line-ups any longer or afford the care available at home.

We hope you feel comfortable cruising around

We want to energize and encourage you to MAKE YOUR DREAMS REALITY!



Share with us.

Ask us questions and leave us comments.

Help us improve our site, and Your Beta aTest!


We’re Brad ‘n Joanne

Sharing aTravelife with You!


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