Bait ‘n Hook

 Pitching the Dream…

or, the Bait ‘n Hook?

The Bait

“Honey, let’s buy a sailboat and cruise the Gulf Islands.  It’ll be fun”.

The Hook

“Honey, this is a blue water cruising sailboat.  It’d be a waste if we didn’t, say, circumnavigate the globe”.

So, if you’ve had a chance to read the ‘Us’ bit, this may make more sense to you.  It’s fine to have a dream, but it’s your dream until and unless you can sell it to your partner in crime.  Unless you’re single, in which case get a partner, life is so much more fun when you share it with someone.  Ok, side tracked, I am not a couples counselor, but I am opinionated.  Back to the story, ‘the Bait ‘n Hook’.

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Drakes Bay

Drakes Bay

Ok, here’s why this story is being written by me, Brad.  I had a dream.  I wanted to be a sailor, and sail around the world.  We had decided to change our lives and were committed to doing so, completely oblivious to the challenges that were before us, but ready and willing to change.  Joanne alleged that she had no dream/s, more on that in another blog

So I decided to pitch mine.  I mean how hard was it going to be to sway an only recently semi-convinced independent woman her life needed changing, and what better way to get that ball rolling than a circumnavigation of the globe as two novice sailors…  Right?

“Honey, just got this great idea, howsabout we sail around the world together, it’s been my dream ever since I was a kid”?  Silence!  I’d never shared any of this with her before in our more than 20-years together.  While I’m letting this silence sink into your (the reader’s) psyche, I need to back up a little bit.

About a year before my dad died, we purchased Loukia, a 32′ Westsail sailboat.  We were living on the west coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island, in Nanaimo, British Columbia.  Beautiful place.  It will be yet another post to explain how we landed in this little heaven.

In short, though, I wanted to learn to sail, and so after only nine years (let nine years sink in here folks, it’s part of the theme of the ‘aTravelife’ blog), with absolutely no previous sailing/sailboat experience, I convinced my sweet bride that we would buy a sailboat and vacation on it in our gorgeous local sailors paradise.  The ‘Bait’.

Now bait it was, but hardly a threat at the time, here’s why.  I hoped with almighty hope when we purchased Loukia that a day would come when I would convince Joanne to go on a sailing adventure with me, not just a weekend getaway.  But, I was living that Rat Race life, remember (of course you do…), and it was vastly unlikely that my ‘dream’ would come to fruition.

More likely, the Rat Racer (me in this case) would buy a boat, spend an unaffordable amount of money on it, including moorage, and then, rather quickly, and forget about the dream.  The boat deck to be used as a place to drink beer on the occasional weekend and vaguely mutter about when ‘that great day’ would come.  Which it wouldn’t.

Bait n Hook

Bait n Hook

Then my dad died.

My, our, the catalyst for prioritizing our dreams.  It doesn’t matter what your catalyst is; hopefully, it needn’t be the death of a loved one.  But it’s likely that those of you realistically thinking dreamily right now have discovered your catalyst.  That thing that grabs hold of you and shakes you vigorously until you see the potential.  Then, finally, you begin acting on that potential.

With my, our, the catalyst now in full swing, it was time for The ‘Hook’ to be masterminded.  I was unemployed and unsuccessful in finding employment when my dad was only still sick, but as a result, fortunately, I had a lot of time to spend with him in those final months.

However, when I was not with him, I was working on Loukia.  She was an older and unkempt cutter rig in need of abundant TLC (money and labour).  This effort was to become my guiding light after my dad passed.  To this day, this learning and life experience has molded me.  I digress.  Back to the Hook.

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21st Anniversary

Happy 21st Anniversary
Stones Marina, Nanaimo, BC 2012

I was distraught.  Joanne was distraught.  It was a prime opportunity to ‘sell up’ the sailing idea to the grand dimensions of my dream.  An emotional play on my part.  Right now you’re probably thinking ‘what a dick’, but just wait and hold judgment on that thought ok.  If I’m going to earn dick status, I want you to be comfortable with it.

Joanne is a wonderful, caring, generally happy woman with a great sense of humor.  And, without question, we love one another.  To the degree that I can be romantic towards her, I try.  So, if you’ve been following so far, you’ll realize the ‘romance’ (genuine) and the affect of what I hope you’ll see as a beautiful poem that I wrote to try and convince her to sail off into the wild blue yonder with me.

It worked!

At least temporarily…

And this will end this piece of the story too.  Enjoy.

The Bait ‘n Hook,

Capt’n Brad ‘n the Admiral

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Ode to My Lover

2 February 2012

The sea, you see, won’t let me be, I’m longing for adventure,

So I’ve rigged a boat with sail and rode, an anchor and a tender.

Bedecked anew from stem to stern, Loukia’s found someone to love her,

From mast to sail, she is raring to go, but I can’t leave without my lover.

My lover loves me back I know, but she fears both storm and pirate,

And pushing her to rise above her fears, I fear, only makes her irate.

Yet we both know that she’s an adventuress and when she draws the line,

Together we’ll reach for foreign shores, and she’ll leave those fears behind.

So let’s spend some life just doing as we please, answering only to ourselves,

For the routine life will always be there for us, should we decide to ever break this spell.

Eventually, all spells are broken because at some point we all die,

Until then though, live an extraordinary life with me, until our turn arrives.

I love you more than anyone I’ve ever loved; you’re definitely the one for me,

I don’t know what tomorrow brings; I just know it begins on the sea.

Let’s brave the unknown & sail away together

Your Lover, Brad



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