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How many times will you say,

“I leave today.”

And still Stay?

by Racquel Davis

If you’re like us, aTravelife is Where Your Heart Is.  Home, in other words.  However, most often our best personal intentions get buried, pushed aside, put on hold, or made second place.  We promise ourselves that we will get back to them, prioritize them, even simply assure ourselves that we will remember them.

And then we don’t.  Why is that?

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Are your travel dreams and desires less important than the day to day monotony of typical everyday life?  Is it that you don’t think your long-term travel dreams are within your grasp?  That they are dreams and dreams are unattainable?

Are you caught up in the mania of

‘Stuff Ownership’

and bound by the restrictiveness of it?

Most of us end up there.  We did.  Most of us get stuck there.  But we got out.  We have fulfilled some of our travel dreams and continue to work towards others.  Our dreams involve long-term travel, adventure, and experiences beyond the pale.  It’s been hard work.  There have been obstacles.  Often these seem to be hardships until you realize they are not.  That what they are is access to FREEDOM or significant steps towards a FREER SELF.

Anyone Can Experience What We Have.

Reach Out and Discover Your Dreams.

This is aTravelife.com.

A blog about living ‘Where Your Heart Is’.  About life experience through long-term travel, learning about cultures, discovering variation in cuisine, and how it’s managed economically.  We are experimenting with successful strategies that deliver.  We are Your Beta aTest.  Check it out.  Follow along.  We’ll share our experiences and what we are striving to do to become full-time travelers.  Learn from our successes and our mistakes.

‘Getting Underway’ briefly tells of how we overcame some life hurdles in our path towards freedom.  The FREEDOM for Long-Term travel.

‘Long-Term Travel’ is our DREAM come REALITY.  Here we share where we have LIVED for at least 6-months at a time.  EXPERIENCE is what we think travel is all about.  The experience of destination, location, culture, cuisine, and history.

We are an average Brad and an average Joanne who climbed out of the EVERY DAY, overcoming the perceived MOUNTAIN of OBSTACLES, that does not exist.  We share how we did it.  How you can do it.  At NO COST to you!

Jump Ship on the Every Day.

Discovery for Real What Have Only Every Been DREAMs.


Welcome Aboard!

Average Brad & Average Joanne

Sharing aTravelife with You!


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